August 2013

A closer look at Centercore – Fidelity’s design for an off-site constructed datacenter

09.08.2013 in News

Kelly Morgan, Daniel Bizo 14- Aug, 2013 ~ As a privately owned financial institution, Fidelity Investments has been known for its attention to detail and willingness to think and invest for the long term.  Both are in evidence in its approach to datacenters.  The firm built quite a few traditional facilities over the years, but in 2008 began seeking an approach that would provide rapid on-site deployment, along with its usual requirements for very high reliability and quality, yet could still be adapted to suit emerging technology trends.  The result is Centercore, Fidelity’s own version of an off-site constructed datacenter that is relatively quick to build yet flexible in design.  Fidelity developed the concept with help of Integrated Design Group (a patent is pending) and is now advancing the Centercore brand by licensing the underlying technology to its fabricator Environmental Air Systems.  Read More…(Attach to link…)