Aultman Hospital














Aultman Hospital


Canton, Ohio


Off-Site Construction – AHU Penthouse


Project Overview:

EAS was contracted to design, construct and install a 14,000 SF mechanical penthouse with central utility plant and air handling units at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio.
To control overall project schedule and cost, the Owner, Construction Manager and the Architect decided to have the new mechanical penthouse constructed off-site at the EAS plant. The penthouse was designed, constructed, tested, dismantled and shipped to the final location in 40 bottom sections and 36 top, or “hat”, sections.

Project Highlights:

1. Nominal 455,000 CFM System was approximately 14,000 SF in footprint and 16’ high

2. EAS was informed that this construction method saved the hospital 3 to 4 months on their construction schedule

3. Estimated field construction man-hours required for the project: 120,000

4. Actual man-hours expended by EAS for off site construction and installation: 59,897

Technical Details:

EAS was contracted to design, construct off-site and install this Penthouse, with the major features listed below. These AHU System components were installed, wired and / or piped in the EAS plant:

Two (2) 920 Ton, R-123, Centrifugal Water Cooled Chillers

Two (2) 5,021 MBH Steam Boilers, natural gas / # 2 fuel oil

Three (3) 6,400 MBH Hot Water Boilers, Natural gas / # 2 fuel oil

Boiler Stacks

Blow down separators

De-aerators with (2) 40 GPM pumps

Two (2) Pressure Reducing Stations, 80-to-12 psig

Three (3) 617 Ton, 1,851 GPM, cooling towers

Nine (9) Class III, plenum supply air fans ranging from size 36 to size 49 and from 20,150 to 52,000 CFM each, and motor sizes ranging from 20 up to 125 HP each

Two (2) Wall mounted exhaust fans and two (2) roof mounted exhaust fans

Five (5) Inline exhaust fans, one for isolation with a bag in bag out HEPA filter on the discharge

Eight (8) Class II, plenum return air fans, sizes 44 and 49, ranging from 29,150 to 52,000 CFM each and with motor sizes ranging from 30 to 60 HP

Three (3) Primary Chilled Water pumps, vertical inline, 2,209 GPM, 100 HP

Two (2) Secondary Chilled Water pumps, vertical inline, 2,756 GPM, 75 HP

Three (3) Condenser Water Pumps, vertical inline, 2,775 GPM, 75 HP

Three (3) Primary Hot Water Pumps, vertical inline, 433 GPM, 50 HP

Heating water expansion tank, bladder type, 528 gallon

Heating water air separator, 2,000 GPM

Outside Air, Relief, Return, Bypass and Supply Air Dampers; Opposed Blade, Aluminum Construction

Relief, Outside Air louvers, Aluminum construction, drainable blades, wind-driven rain resistant, Cooling Coolswith copper tubes and aluminum fins.“Tailwater” coils were provided that are an integral part of the cooling coils. 16 gauge 304 SS casings