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Bristol Meyers Squibb


Syracuse, New York


Off-Site Construction, Laboratory Penthouse


Project Overview:

EAS was contracted to design, construct off-site and supervise the installation of this penthouse system for the BMS Laboratory. Nominal 84,000 CFM, 100% outside air system. Overall dimensions of 45’L x 75’ W x 9’ 7” H which shipped in (12) sections. Penthouse system included unique, custom supply and exhaust air control box installation.

Project Highlights:

1. All of the reheat coil piping for the supply VAV boxes is located inside the penthouse. (This eliminates long runs of hot water piping throughout the building. Any potential future leaks are controlled and easily serviced in the penthouse)

2. All supply and exhaust control box service, shut-off, repair, calibration, monitoring and observation are performed in the penthouse, not over classified space, and without access to critical environments

3. Heat recovery coil system in place, pre-piped, with recirculation pumps installed, wired and piped off site at the EAS plant

4. Once the penthouse was installed, architectural siding was added to match that of the building

Technical Details:

These system components were installed, wired and/or-piped off site in the EAS plant:

Four (4) 21,000 CFM, 60 HP Class III Supply Air Fans

Four (4) 21,000 CFM, 50 HP Class III, Return Air Fans

Eight (8) Variable Frequency Drive, 4 @ 50 HP and 4 @ 60 HP, Type 12k enclosures

Cooling, Snow and Hot Water Heating Cools with copper tube, aluminum fins, 304 SS coil racks.

SS flashing &16 gauge SS intermediate drain pans

30% Pre-Filters, 85% Final Filters and HEPA filters

Four (4) Snow coil pumps and two (2) cooling coil freeze protection pumps

Two (2) heating coil pumps and one (1) heat recovery coil pump

Control dampers

Four (4) humidifiers

Thirty-four (34) supply air volume control boxes, ranging from 5” diameter to 24×16 connections, with zone reheat coils, shutoff blast gate and test ports

Forty (40) exhaust air volume control boxes, ranging from 5” diameter to 16 x 24 connections, with shutoff blast gates

Schedule 40 chilled water and hot water piping with valve assemblies. Fiberglass insulation with jacketing

General space electric unit heaters

Lights within AHU sections and service vestibule are fluorescent lighting fixtures with low-temp electric ballast

Light switches with pilot lights and ground fault receptacles, 120 V, 20 each, all rigid aluminum conduit provided

Two (2) inch foam core panel system (R-value of 15.2) with extruded aluminum no-through metal framing, 0.050” smooth aluminum interior finish, 040 embossed aluminum exterior W 12 x 22 structural steel for base perimeter with C6 x 8.2 intermediate supports 3/16” aluminum checkered plate flooring throughout penthouse

Four (4) inch sprayed on polyurethane foam, 30.4 R-Value and 0.040” aluminum liner

Full sized access doors with 12’ x 12” double pane safety glass, test ports and 3-point latching door mechanisms

Floor Drains are 8” x 10” x 4” smooth aluminum with removable covers