A pre-designed and pre-fabricated EAS Custom Central Utility Plant configuration can include chillers, boilers, generators, cooling towers, electrical, controls and ancillary equipment. EAS Central Utility Plants are manufactured off site within a controlled environment where lead-times, quality construction and best practices are maintained and where personnel and weather related challenges are manageable.

EAS Central Utility Plants operate more efficiently than other solutions and are truly custom designed and built based solely on the requirements of the specific building, bearing no model numbers or footprint constraints. Unit accessibility is maintained throughout the plant without the use of exterior access panels.

Considered a piece of UL labeled mechanical equipment, the plant can be depreciated at a more accelerated rate from the remainder of the building. This scalable equipment solution allows EAS customers to expand their plant capabilities on an “as needed” basis; purchasing only what is required now and delaying additional capital costs until they are needed.

  • 3pinkdot10x10Custom design to meet the needs of the project
  • 3pinkdot10x10Minimize field labor
  • 3pinkdot10x10Improved jobsite safety
  • 3pinkdot10x10Reduced schedule
  • 3pinkdot10x10Schedule and cost certainty
  • 3pinkdot10x10Eliminates Change Orders
  • 3pinkdot10x10Improved Quality with proven QA/QC system in manufacturing environment
  • 3pinkdot10x10BIM modeling
  • 3pinkdot10x10Fully piped and insulated in factory
  • 3pinkdot10x10Factory provided controls
  • 3pinkdot10x10Factory run testing
  • 3pinkdot10x10Pre-Commissioned
  • 3pinkdot10x10Custom Electrical and Control packages
  • 3pinkdot10x10Reduced jobsite crane costs
  • 3pinkdot10x10Reduces site logistics and lay down area needed
  • 3pinkdot10x10Tax implications-CUP’s can be depreciated as a piece of equipment versus building square footage.
  • 3pinkdot10x10Reduces or eliminates per diem
  • 3pinkdot10x10Single point of contact for coordination
  • 3pinkdot10x10Parallel construction-CUP starts as early as ground breaking, reducing schedule
  • 3pinkdot10x10Designed to meet wind and seismic criteria of site
  • 3pinkdot10x10Fully integrated structural support for piping and components
  • 3pinkdot10x10Complete with platforms, stairs, walkways, ladders and grating to meet project needs
  • 3pinkdot10x10Custom architectural finishes designed to match existing building or new construction
  • 3pinkdot10x10Single Point mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections
  • 3pinkdot10x10Field services from supervision to complete turnkey installation
  • 3pinkdot10x1010-15% Cost savings over conventional construction
  • 3pinkdot10x10System Optimization
  • 3pinkdot10x10Eliminates weather delays
  • 3pinkdot10x10Plug and Play electrical and control connections at shipping splits
  • 3pinkdot10x10Superior Maintenance and Serviceability incorporated into design
  • 3pinkdot10x10Energy Efficient
  • 3pinkdot10x10ETL and UL Labeling

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