Cleveland Clinic



The Cleveland Clinic


Cleveland, Ohio


Off Site Construction – Custom Air Handling Units: Double-Decker AHUs


Project Overview:

EAS was contracted to construct, deliver and install (10) large-scale custom Air Handling Units for the hospital’s new Heart Center. (We are highlighting just AHU-9 in this case study.)

Project Highlights:

1. Nominal 110,000 CFM AHU System

2. Overall Dimensions: Lower Level: 57’ 10” x 33’ x 12’ 7” high. Upper Level: 32’ 6” x 31’ 8” x 8’ 8” high

3. The AHU was constructed in eight (8) sections, four (4) lower and four (4) upper sections

4. All sections were shipped on EAS trucks, or under direct company supervision. (EAS retains responsibility for the delivery and safe keeping of each section to the jobsite)

5. Lower level contains the outside air/return air mixing sections, pre-filters, carbon filters, humidifiers, cooling coils, sound attenuators (2 banks- before and after fans), supply fans and final filters.

6. Upper level contains the relief air section, the return air fans and sound attenuators (2 banks- before and after the fans)

Technical Details:

Cleveland Clinic AHU-9 has the following major features:

Two (2) 56,911 CFM, 125 HP, Class III Plenum Supply Fans

Two (2) 51,487 CFM, 75 HP, Class II Return Fans

Sound Attenuators for the Supply and the Return

Two (2) humidifiers

Outside Air, Mixing Air, Relief Air and fan isolation aluminum dampers

Cooling coils and pre-heat coils with copper tubes, aluminum fins and SS casings

16 gauge 304 SS intermediate drain pan for cooling coils

Germicidal PreFilters, 95%

Clean Carbon Filters

95% Final Filters

Lighting using Fluorescent 4-foot fixtures with low temperature start ballasts.

UVC emitters

Two (2) inch foam core panel system (R-value of 15.2) with extruded no-through metal framing. Aluminum, 0.050” smooth interior finish and .040” textured aluminum exterior finish and no-through metal framing

W12 x 22 structural steel base for lower level and MC6 x 16.3 structural steel for upper level

Both bases with 4” of foam insulation (R-Value of 30) and with 0.063” aluminum skin

Full sized access doors with 12 x 12 double pane viewing windows

3/16” aluminum checkered plate flooring throughout penthouse

Floor Drains are 8” x 10” x 4” smooth aluminum with removable covers, each drain has all welded schedule 40 aluminum piping