Data Center – Confidential


Durham, North Carolina


Off Site Construction: Data Center

Off Site Manufacturing

Project Overview:

EAS was the mechanical contractor for a new 135,000 square-foot build-out of data center and electronics lab space. EAS On Site mechanical contracting was contracted to provide the HVAC ductwork, piping and plumbing scope. The 5200-ton Chiller Plant was built by EAS Off-Site Construction and shipped to the project site and assembled by EAS.

Project Highlights

  • 80,000 SF of raised floor space
  • EAS Off Site Construction built the Chiller Plants with (4) 1,350-ton machines (3 Day One) in its High Point, NC plant
  • Order for the chiller plant was received the end of January. The Central Utility Plant shipped the last week of May, and began pushing chilled water by the second week of June
  • EAS coordinated with the MEP engineer on the design
  • EAS custom fabricated (17) nominal 75,000 CFM custom AHU’s for this project
  • EAS provided the mechanical mezzanine
  • The project was completed on an aggressive 9-month schedule

Technical Details:

EAS Off Site Construction built the Chiller Plants (3) 1300 Ton Chillers
Cooling tower platform built overhead with (3) Cooling Towers
(4) Primary C.W. Pumps, 40HP each, 2,222 GPM
(3) Secondary C.W. Pumps, 100 HP, 3333 GPM each
(3) Condenser Water Pumps, 60 HP, 2410 GPM each
Chemical treatment
Reverse Osmosis Machine and Atomizing Humidifier Pump Station
CEP walls & roof: 2” foam panel with Bone White finish; 12” structural base
Refrigerant evacuation system
Water storage tank
UV Sterilizer